We are talking Father’s Day with Urban Farmhouse Designs owner, Jason Thomas. Jason spends his days continuing to develop our Oklahoma City location, opening the Dallas location and raising his beautiful family. Busy doesn’t even begin to explain it!

Not only is Urban Farmhouse Designs a locally owned business, but a family owned one, as well. Husband and wife, Jason and Cherami, have spent the past four years building and developing UFD into what it has become today. But, they aren’t the only members of the Thomas family contributing. Oldest sons, Saxon and Ashton, spend their summers learning the family business from mom and dad.

 How many people call you dad?

“Saxon 16, Ashton 13, Tatum 9, Ryker 7”

 What is your favorite part of having your children work with you?

“Probably how unique and different their talents are. They don't need to be me and I want them to be what completes them and makes them happy. Yes, I will have my input, direction, and sometimes disciplines to teach them, but past that, I love who they are & I’m excited to see them step into their own passions and gifts.”

 What do you hope your children will learn from watching you build UFD?

“What I hope they learn is that nothing is given in this life other than Gods grace.  Hard work and dedication will only take you so far. Commitment to principles and being a servant to all is what allows you to do what most consider impossible.  A humble foundation is a powerful foundation. So while all the business books speak of self empowerment and strategy, I hope my kids see that a servant’s heart is unmatched and unstoppable. Part of this is taking complete ownership for when you mess up or make a mistake. Simply own your problems and don't run from them, or worse yet, blame somebody else.”

 What is one activity your kids do with you that they can’t do with mom?

“Activity with my kids that doesn't include mom…. Resting because the woman never stops working.”

 What Father’s Day traditions do you have with your children?

“Father's Day tradition is me getting something I didn't know I was in such dire need of - like cuff links since I wear t shirts and shorts everyday.”


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