Have you looked around lately? The world is moving so fast it’s a constant race to keep up and you feel like if you stop, you’ll miss something. Here at the Urban Farmhouse warehouse, things change daily. Tablescapes transform (with the help of our lovely designers), furniture is constantly being moved in and out and new designs are being built. If we didn’t get out of the office and walk the floor every couple of days we would probably get lost with how fast everything changes around here.
Though we spend most of our time craning our necks to make sure we’re “in the know” of everything going on, oddly enough, the things we need most are within arms reach.
Our family. Our friends. Our co-workers.
At UFD, we move so fast that we have to make a conscious effort to stop and take in all of the things we are truly eternally grateful for. That’s one of the reasons why we have our annual Thanksgiving Dinner with our staff. No friends or family (though we love you all dearly), just the Urban Farmhouse Crew.
It’s a time to sit down, relax and have a good time with those who we honestly spend the most hours with from day to day. No stress, no sales.. Just friendship and fun.


We encourage you to try the same this season. Take a minute to stop and look around those near you and just be thankful for a moment. Give them a hug, buy them a sweet treat and show them some gratitude. They’re pretty great, and truth be told, you couldn’t look ahead to the future without them by your side.


Urban Farmhouse
The barn signifies the signature items we have built in house and with the best quality possible. We look forward to bringing more items like this to your home or business.