The Antique Turkish Dough Bowl

Once again, I have picked the design brains of the wonderful ladies from @thespoiledhome and have gotten great design tips and ideas on how to style the popular antique dough bowls around your home! The Dough Bowls come from primitive Turkey and were once used in the making of bread. Here at UFD, we like to use these bowls for centerpieces on our dining tables. At the end of the post, I have included 5 ways the ladies have styled the Dough Bowls around our showroom.

"When we style dough bowls, we never follow any sort of rules. Our motto is "throw it in the dough bowl!" We do like to mix rustic elements like olive buckets with something more refined and elegant like an orchid. If we want a simple clean look, we will just add birch logs with a few faux succulents or some moss balls. We also like to play around with different textures and heights: a wire basket paired with a cloche or a glass vase or a lantern paired with a large bird's nest. In the store, we let the table's location and chairs dictate the look we are going for a lot of times, but at home, the different seasons tend to determine the dough bowl's styling. Pumpkins in the fall "thrown in the dough bowl," for example, can be decor. Everyone needs at least one dough bowl." -Sandi and Shalia

Our owners Cherami and Jason spent last week rummaging through Round Top in Texas looking for unique finds and interesting things to bring back to the warehouse. They found Turkish Dough Bowls galore in several sizes and finishes! These items will be in the store later this week and include Turkish dough bowls, olive buckets, old doors from Egypt, corbels from 100+ year old temples in India, old window panes re-purposed into mirrors, and more! 

You won't want to miss seeing these items before they are gone, so come by UFD this weekend, enjoy Pitchfork Grill Food Truck, Katibugs Shaved Ice, and Halls Pizza Truck, and shop the most unique finds in OKC! 

Make the bowl feel soft and organic with white succulents

Add a lantern for some height and fill with candles or floral

Use a cool sign to add color to your dough bowl

 Make sure and layer or drape product to give interest

"Throw it in the dough bowl" If you are unsure, just add 3 more items! 

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