Take It As a Sign

If you haven't heard of the talented ladies from The Spoiled Home yet, let me happily introduce you. Sandi and Shalia, who became friends over ten years ago when Sandi became Shalia’s hairstylist, started their popular Instagram page @thespoiledhome a little over a year ago.  When Sandi approached Shalia about starting a home décor account, Shalia told her “no” numerous times, but Sandi showed up at Shalia’s house one day, started taking pictures, and created the page.  “I was so reluctant to put myself ‘out there’ and afraid of failure, but Sandi gave me the push I needed,” states Shalia.

Neither Sandi nor Shalia ever expected their page to be anything but a hobby.  However, @thespoiledhome became successful quickly when pictures from their homes were featured on accounts like Pottery Barn, Home Goods, Ballard Designs, Sherwin Williams, Shaw Floors, Tuesday Morning, At Home Stores, Pier One, and Everything Home magazine. Sandi adds with a laugh, “All of a sudden, companies were offering us money to advertise for them, and I just wanted to say to Shalia ‘I told you so’.”

 It was because of their page that they were offered a job at Urban Farmhouse Designs.  One of @thespoiledhome’s followers who lived in Georgia happened to be friends with Cherami Thomas, owner of Urban Farmhouse Designs, and since Cherami was looking for design help, she contacted the duo.  Sandi laughs, “Talk about timing!  Cherami’s email came the same day that Shalia sent paperwork to the teacher’s retirement office, and I had just relocated my salon and took on more hours because of low oil prices since my husband is in the oil business.”  They met with Cherami and her husband Jason in February and have been a part of the design team ever since.  “The minute we met Jason and Cherami, we just knew we could be a good fit,” Shalia states.  “They felt like old friends,” adds Sandi.

 Since teaming up with Urban Farmhouse Designs full time, they are constantly designing table-scapes, displays, and moving furniture around our 28,000 square foot showroom to keep you inspired and in awe around every corner.They have graciously shared some of their design secrets with us to pass on to you! According to Shalia, the quickest way to give your home a seasonal makeover without blowing the budget is with signs! She has a large collection that she likes to play with constantly at her house. “Signs are so popular now, and being an English teacher for years, I’m a lover of words, so I just start by putting signs with quotes or seasonal sayings throughout my house,” states Shalia. “I throw signs in my olive bucket or hang a seasonal banner in an unexpected place like on my faux pig’s head in the kitchen.”  

The biggest challenge is how to style the signs in a way that feels like they are a cohesive part of the display. “The best way to ensure a great display is to have varying heights and similar colors surrounding a focal point, like a sign” states Sandi. As Urban Farmhouse customers, we want to empower you to be fearless when styling your home, and when in doubt just come walk our showrooms and see the amazing displays these girls put together. You are sure to be inspired for your own home.



Urban Farmhouse
The barn signifies the signature items we have built in house and with the best quality possible. We look forward to bringing more items like this to your home or business.