UFD Signature Candles


Urban Farmhouse Designs Signature Candles

When you walk through our sliding barn doors into our 28,000 square foot warehouse, you are immediately sent into sensory overload. As you look around, you can begin to feel the creative energy around you and will start to feel energized and inspired. Breathe in and experience the fresh aroma of raw cut wood, the musk of vintage finds, and a swirl of clean Spring rain. The amazing mixture of scent is beautifully crafted together in our Urban Farmhouse Designs Signature Candle.

Our founder, Cherami, created the scent for our warehouse, but quickly realized the demand from our customers! We want you to be able to take home a part of UFD and feel refreshed and inspired every time you light it. With the simple and clean design, it will accent any room of your home.

We now offer our UFD Signature Candle online, at, and in-store. But why be selfish? Send the gift of inspiration to your family and friends! Simply come in-store and fill out a send form, and we will do the rest. You can also order online, and ship to anywhere in the US. Spread the inspiration and design love, and think of us every time you light your new UFD Signature Candle.

Would you like one of our UFD Signature Candles delivered to your door? Click the picture above!


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The barn signifies the signature items we have built in house and with the best quality possible. We look forward to bringing more items like this to your home or business.