Mom's Easter Basket

With our crazy and hectic lives, we barely have time to run to the store and grab our kiddos a cheap Easter basket to fill with all kinds of sugary treats for them to blow through in ten seconds flat. This year while you're running to the store with your hair all frazzled and secretly grabbing a bag of Reese's eggs for yourself, why don't you grab a few things to create your very own Easter basket, mom?! Follow these simple steps and this little basket will keep you smiling all spring long, no matter how busy you are.   Materials: 1 Wicker Basket 1 Plastic Bag 2 Packages of Moss 1 Package of Plastic Easter Eggs Garden Shears Hot...

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Market Madness

We've hit the ground running in 2017, starting with spending a whole week at Atlanta Market last week! We loaded up our bags, hopped on a plane and spent five days wandering through vendor showrooms and picking out all of the amazing accessories for Urban Farmhouse Designs.    Market is a whirlwind. It's up and down and back and forth from vendor to vendor, wine glass to soda to cracker (you really don't have time to eat) and LOTS of walking... Like more than you could ever imagine. Everyone says, "Oh my gosh, market sounds like so much fun!" And, it is. But, it's also the marathon of the year - and we do it twice a year.   We...

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Goodbye, 2016. Hello, Dallas!

Wow! 2016 was a crazy roller coaster ride of a year for Urban Farmhouse Designs. It was full of projects, laughs, smiling customers and record sales.  And to be completely honest - we’re pretty proud of how far we’ve come in just twelve (what felt like extremely) short months. It seemed like every time we wrapped up a project or put a tool down we were immediately on to the next big idea or event and stretching our imagination, skill and sometimes energy (haha) to achieve whatever lies on the next level of farmhouse evolution.  We’ve never had so much fun and we’ve never been quite so tired, but all in all, 2016 was a rocking year for our little...

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Have you looked around lately? The world is moving so fast it’s a constant race to keep up and you feel like if you stop, you’ll miss something. Here at the Urban Farmhouse warehouse, things change daily. Tablescapes transform (with the help of our lovely designers), furniture is constantly being moved in and out and new designs are being built. If we didn’t get out of the office and walk the floor every couple of days we would probably get lost with how fast everything changes around here. Though we spend most of our time craning our necks to make sure we’re “in the know” of everything going on, oddly enough, the things we need most are within arms reach....

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The Antique Turkish Dough Bowl

Once again, I have picked the design brains of the wonderful ladies from @thespoiledhome and have gotten great design tips and ideas on how to style the popular antique dough bowls around your home! The Dough Bowls come from primitive Turkey and were once used in the making of bread. Here at UFD, we like to use these bowls for centerpieces on our dining tables. At the end of the post, I have included 5 ways the ladies have styled the Dough Bowls around our showroom. "When we style dough bowls, we never follow any sort of rules. Our motto is "throw it in the dough bowl!" We do like to mix rustic elements like olive buckets with something more...

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Urban Farmhouse
The barn signifies the signature items we have built in house and with the best quality possible. We look forward to bringing more items like this to your home or business.