Suckers for Succulents

You will need:


Potting Soil

Aquarium Rocks

Dough Bowl

Pebbles/Crushed Granite (You Choose!)


Summer time makes you want to be outside. However, here in Oklahoma, it’s typically 120° and humid - at least as of late. Okay, maybe not REALLY 120°.. But it sure feels like it.

Fortunately, this little DIY will help you bring the outdoors in! That way, when it’s smoldering outside (like it is here in Oklahoma..) you can grab these materials and set up shop in the garage or on the back patio in the shade.

Once your project is complete, you don’t even have to go outside to see happy, green, little plants - they’ll be right there with you, sipping tea at your farmhouse table. Enjoying the spoiled succulent life.

The Infamous Dough Bowl

If you follow Urban Farmhouse Designs on pretty much any social media platform, you’ve probably realized that we are IN LOVE with dough bowls. Dough bowls are so fun around the farmhouse and have multiple purposes. Though our main use is for decorating - we just love to stare at them while they are overflowing with all kinds of farmhouse goodies - you can see the history of the dough bowl here on a previous blog.

Needless to say, we love them so much we decided a dough bowl would be the perfect habitat for our little succulents we’re about to plant in this blog.


Let’s Talk Succulents

Succulents are also known as “Fat Plants” (we’ll stick with pleasantly plump and shapely) because of their unique look and uncanny ability to store water. Their leaves typically have a thicker skin and body allowing them to withstand extremely hot climates with little to no water.

Some succulents even have underground organs that allow them to lose their leaves and reproduce themselves in times of extreme drought. Pretty cool, huh?

Succulents come in many shapes and forms. Long leaves, short leaves and even our prickly cacti friends are in the succulent family

All in all, these survival qualities make them the perfect plant to live in a dough bowl on your kitchen table or counter - and they’re fun to look at!

We took a few minutes to arrange our succulents on the ground before we started. This is ideally how we want them to end up in our dough bowl.


Before You Start

Take a few minutes to arrange your succulents in your dough bowl. It may take some maneuvering to get all of the little guys in, but at least you’ll know where you’re headed once the dirt is placed. This prevents you from having to uproot them over and over, which could cause damage.


Let’s Plant!

Before you do anything with dirt, take your aquarium rocks and fill about an inch and a half of the bottom of your dough bowl. This will allow water to drain off of the roots. Remember - Succulents don’t need a ton of water hanging around to survive.


Now to get your hands dirty, you’re going to want to fill your mixing bowl (or bucket like ours) about halfway with potting soil and the other half with aquarium rocks. Mix these together thoroughly. The different textures in the mix will continue our “easily draining” theme for our habitat.


Now, spread your potting soil/aquarium rock mixture over the pebbles and pile it pretty high. Succulents don’t have very deep roots, so you just want enough room to poke them in the top of the soil.


You want it to have a mound, as in the photo above. This will make your succulents perfectly visible from all angles of the dough bowl.


Here comes the fun part - arrange your succulents any which way you want! For a pretty and more balanced arrangement that looks great from any view, set the taller succulents in the middle and surround them with the shorter babies. This will give your arrangement height and ensure you can see all of your pretty picks at all times!


Once your succulents are secure in the soil (remember, you just want to poke them down in the soil and press the soil gently around them), take your pretty pebbles or crushed granite and layer them all along the top of the soil, covering it.

Water it gently, don’t drown them. And WALA - You’re done!

Don’t you feel so accomplished? Now you have a beautiful arrangement fit for even the finest farmhouse. Water these guys once a week and they’ll keep your house fresh and happy for a long time to come.


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